About Irondequoit Animal Hospital: We Help You Bond

about Irondequoit Animal Hospital

At Irondequoit, we are focused on the quality of life of your pet, including the all-important bond between pet and owner. Our veterinarians have a broad range of interests and expertise in pet health care.

We are experienced in such areas as pet health and wellness, behavioral training, nutrition, oral and dental care, surgery, imaging, diagnostics and more.

Our Mission Statement

At Irondequoit, we have one mission, and that is to provide top quality, compassionate care … for life.

Our Vision

Our experienced veterinary healthcare team seeks to provide the highest quality veterinary care, improve the quality of life for family, pets and animals, and to continually expand and enhance the services that we provide, while building and enhancing the bond between pets and owners.

Our Values

Each pet has unique healthcare needs. We want our pet owners to not only trust us to deliver those needs, but to be educated to continue that care at home. With us, you will not only understand what we are doing to help your pet, but why we are doing so. That is why we adhere to our strict code of ethics:

We are heavily involved in the local community. Our practice has been around since 1971. The majority of our staff live in the local area, and our practice has a uniquely low turnover rate. This tradition of longevity and service means you can trust us to be around for you for many years to come, and see the same smiling faces every time you walk into our offices.

Our veterinarians and staff have a long tradition of community service. Animals, medicine and science are our passions and we are devoted to treating every animal and owner as a trusted friend.

Pet Care and Services for Dogs and Cats

We are a full-service veterinary hospital with a team of experienced veterinarians, animal care assistance, service representatives and licensed veterinary technicians who are all dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pet.

The services we provide include:

Specialized and emergency after-hours veterinary care is available through Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services. We have access to affiliated veterinarians through Monroe Veterinary Associates for care of exotic pets such as birds, reptiles and small mammals, as well as acupuncture and herbal medicine.

For further information, please contact us or schedule an appointment today. For first-time visitors to our facility, check our First Visit page for answers to many common questions and concerns.