Your First Visit to Irondequoit Animal Hospital: Welcome Home!

first veterinary pet care visit

At Irondequoit we recommend that as soon as you bring your new pet home, you schedule your first appointment. If you have had your pet for a long while and are looking for a new doctor to provide care, we are pleased to have the opportunity to offer compassionate care … for life.

Safety and Comfort

When a young animal comes into a new situation it can be very stressful, particularly if there are aggressive older animals present, eager to prove their dominance. Because of this, we ask that you keep your new pet in a carrier in the waiting room to keep your pet calm and help to prevent the spread of illness.

Our veterinarians are experts at making your pet feel comfortable and safe. If you have concerns about shy or aggressive tendencies, please discuss the situation with us. We will advise you on the best way to manage these issues.

The First Exam

The first exam will be easy and gentle. Your veterinarian will give your pet a thorough examination, including weighing your pet and checking the skin, coat, eyes, ears, heart and lungs, teeth, gums and overall health.

After the examination, the veterinarian will address any questions you have about your pet’s health. We will discuss health and wellness issues, vaccines, the possibility of spaying or neutering your pet and having them microchipped.

What to Bring

When you visit us for the first time, please bring the following:

In addition, we ask that you please take the time to review and complete our new client forms. This will speed up the process of getting you up and running.

If you are ready to join our family, schedule an appointment today, or if you have any questions or comments, contact us for more information.