Senior Pet Care at Irondequoit Animal Hospital: a Specialized Veterinary Service

senior pet care

Your senior dog or cat has provided you with many years of friendship, companionship and love. He or she is a valued member of your family. Do they not deserve the best in specialized healthcare, tailored for an animal their age?

Choosing the right healthcare for your elderly pet can add years to their life and keep them strong and active. At Irondequoit we offer special courses of care just for mature dogs and cats.

Special Care

Since senior animals age up to seven times faster than humans, it is important to keep on top of their healthcare. If they age seven years for every year that passes, it means an annual exam is equivalent to an exam every seven years for a human. That makes your pet’s annual checkup very important, as senior pets are at much higher risk for conditions like cancer, diabetes and kidney or liver problems.

Exams and Screening

At your pet’s exam, your Irondequoit veterinarian will address such issues as:

Regular lab work is also recommended for senior pets, including:

Other tests, such as urinalysis or diagnostic imaging, may be recommended by your veterinarian. They can educate you on any changes or specialized care needed to keep your special friend happy and healthy.


High blood pressure is a major problem for dogs and cats. The causes of hypertension are varied and range from disease to medications and advanced age. We recommend regular blood pressure screening to monitor for this problem, and for any pet who needs to undergo surgical procedures or anesthesia.

Changes in Diet

As your pet ages, obesity can be a concern. It may be necessary to adjust their diet to keep weight issues under control and reduce the potential for high blood pressure and heart disease.

There are prescription diets available for senior pets, which can help to correct digestive issues, allergies and other special conditions while maintaining ideal nutrition. Arthritis, for example, can be treated through fish oil supplements, chondroitin, medication for pain and a prescription diet as well as a specialized activity plan.

If you have questions or need advice about care for your senior dog or cat, by all means get in touch. We are happy to help our Irondequoit family.